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Here you can purchase Shiny, 6IV, Level 100 customized Pokemon from Gen 1-5 - Including legendaries!

I do sell Pokemon via eBay, which can be found here. However, by selling directly through Paypal I am able to offer you small discounts to the prices! If you have any questions contact me via eBay or email: FKMPokemon@gmail.com. Anyone who has made a purchase from me before knows that I do my best to be very quick in getting the Pokemon to their new owners, almost always same day service!

Upon purchase please be sure to fill out this form: PokeForm!

I will only create legal Pokemon, meaning if a Pokemon cannot naturally have a certain Move or Ability I will be unable to create that Pokemon for you. I will be happy to work with you if you find your Pokemon cannot be made as requested.

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No running promotions at this time. Sorry! :(