A website is much more than an address on the world wide web.  If it is a personal website, it is the extension of who you are as an individual, what you stand for, what you are capable of, your style and your personality.  If it is a business website it is the impression you want to give customers in regards to the type of business, quality, products and customer service they should expect upon visiting or utilizing your company.  With that being said, it is important to remember that all webpages designed for clients are created for them specifically, many times with their designs and concepts of what their website should be – not everyone has the same style, purpose or visions.  Upon working with a client, my goal is to help their ideas become a reality and to provide suggestions and guidance during the creation of their website.

**these are links to live websites – at this time they are all still using my designs.

WordPress and CMS

The Tamarack

Rolling Video Games of New England

My Website (which has been recreated multiple times!)

P-Wordpress (created to experiment with WordPress)

I do also assist with the creation of social media pages
such as Twitter and Facebook accounts!


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